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Abalou Design

Abalou Design creates contemporary home decor using Eco-friendly materials. Products are laser cut, combining a modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Abalou Design is owned by Abby Shenker. Abby comes from a family of computer programmers, business owners, and artists. She likes to think that her business is the unconventional child of those three legacies.

Abby first got her hands on a laser cutter at IYRS School for Technology & Trades, where she studied digital modeling and fabrication.

When the pandemic caused Abby to lose a job offer, she found a place as an essential worker for a manufacturing company that was in the medical supply chain. She operated the laser cutter there for more than a year, and was the only woman on the machine shop floor. She still loved laser cutting after a year in a deafening machine shop, cutting out thousands of identical squares and circles every day. She took that as a sign that her passion for laser cutting was going nowhere, and decided to take the leap and launch Abalou Design.