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100% Italian silk - Brown Collection

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100% Italian silk Premium quality handmade in USA for adults & children. Silk is Oeko Tex certified (Grade 6A long fiber) 16.5 or 27 momme satin weave. Silk fibers contain proteins which have natural anti-aging properties that prevent acne and wrinkles by keeping skin moisturized and radiant.

🧵 Liner is OEKO TEX / Organic cotton fabric or silk - from 200-1000 thread count cotton, chiffon filter, or 100% organic / OEKO TEX mulberry silk lining (16.75mm-30mm available). You have the option to add up to 5 layers at checkout.

💛Silk lining- fibers contain proteins which have natural anti-aging properties that prevent acne and wrinkles by keeping skin moisturized and radiant. Hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. This is 100% Pure Mulberry Silk OEKO TEX certified (Grade 6A long fiber) from 16.5mm up to 30 momme.

➕ Add your own design, logo, message, picture, art, or pattern on your mask with shimmery thread or rhinestones. Please enter all instructions to customize your mask or message me with any questions. All handmade in Burlington, MA USA.

💓 💥Standard details in design:

✅ +/- Adjustable/removable non-rust nose wire, for glasses wearer- no fog or chin wire (chin wire available upon request)

✅ +/- Filter Pocket (Filter is NOT included)

✅ +/- Soft Adjustable elastics around the ears (strings tie around head available upon request- Great for Hearing Aids wearers or kids with ties behind head)

✅ Lining OEKO TEX 100% Cotton – # of thread count upon request

✅ Washable and Reusable

✅ Materials: Cotton, polyester, nose wire, elastics, silicone/rubber cord locks

✅ MORE pattern from my shop here:

📏📐For 3-D Measurement: Start from your nose bridge (where you want your mask to cover) down to a little pass your chin (giving a little space from your mouth to the mask so there'll be a little room for your 'air pocket' and not flat against your mouth). 4-4.5": XS: Toddlers age 2+ 5.5": Small - Kids 6-6.25": Small Medium 6.5-6.75": Medium 7-7.25": Medium Large 7.5-7.7": Large

💖Your satisfaction matters! If by any chance that you’re not satisfied, please contact me right away via email or text! My masks are not medical grade, or mass produced. It is attentively handcrafted with precision customized just for you. For these reasons, my delivery time is typically within 3-5 business days after you placed the order (plus your method of shipment below). I am working hard to ship earlier or meet the ship date given at the time of purchase. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. ❇Upgrade to Priority and Priority Express available at the checkout. USPS First Class 4-7 business days USPS Priority 2-4 business days USPS Express 1-2 business days.

❗Please note to adjust your mask(s) to fit comfortably before leaving the house Nose wire and elastics are adjustable/removable. You may insert chin wire in bottom pocket if desired. To remove the wire, slide the wire out to the opening. To adjust the elastics, move the silicone to extend or tighten to fit (picture of how-to re-insert strings or elastic into silicone is on the right). You can replace the elastics and use a string to tie behind or on top of head. 1) Insert strings in both sides (under side pockets). 2) Then tie a behind head while strings resting on ears or over on top of head. *Best tools to use would be a tweezer and bobby pin.

💜Care instructions: *PLEASE wash and use a lint roller to remove lint/dust/or any loose material in the inside and outer layer of the mask before use.

💦Washing instructions: This mask is made to last; they will serve the longest if hand wash and line dried. Remove nose wire before washing (optional). You may use a mesh bag or pillowcase will help protect your mask(s) during wash. Wash items in cold or warm water or hand wash with warm water and soap. Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting, then promptly remove the item from the dryer to avoid wrinkles. Iron is recommended on med/low setting but not required. Please do not Iron directly on silk, on elastic & nose metal. Insert filter in pocket if desired.

💧For silk/delicate: Wash with cold water, dry cleaned or hand wash only (machine wash delicate is optional), soak in water with soap, scrub gently instead of too hard, absorb excess water with a towel before hanging, hang to dry out of direct sunlight. Alkaline detergents alter the structure of silk proteins. The silk texture was severely degraded after washing with an alkaline detergent. Wool and silk special detergents or milk soaps are recommended. Do not use bleach or concentrated detergent. Iron on low heat.

🔆DISCLAIMER❗: Please note: 1) Our face masks /Lanyard/mask necklace are not a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment. 2) Character image may get shifted or stones/beads/gems color may change slightly due to lighting of the photograph. Some may be different depending on inventory received or cut of fabric print. 3) ⚠ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD⚠ for small children. Adult supervision required for both the mask/lanyard/necklace. Please note that the masks contain two small silicone pieces on each of the ear loops to allow for adjustment and nose wire for optimal fitting. Lanyard/necklace has beads if they intend to break by pulling or with scissors, these small pieces are not toys; adult supervision is recommended for young children (as this can be a choking hazard and if they insert in mouth, nose, or ears). You may remove the nose wire, beads, gem, or silicone stopper and tie elastics to fit. 4)This is not a licensed product. It is handcrafted by me. Some masks are from authentic licensed fabrics, but most are not. AnnaCalisa is not affiliated or endorsed by any brand. 5) Masks are not intended to be used by children two years old or younger. 6) All handmade items are not the same and there may be some imperfection that does not affect the efficacy or the integrity of the item. 7)**Please be aware of the magnetic features to anyone who has a pacemaker in their heart. KEEP MAGNETS AWAY FROM PACEMAKER. 8) Selected number of layers for mask and fabrics Thread count (200t.c-1000t.c) and other fabrics are customized by you, so all sales are final 9) Once your package is shipped via USPS - it is out of my hands. I cannot control the speed of the shipment or delays 10) **

💥Due to personal use of masks, returns are not accepted, all sales are final due to sanitary reasons. If there’s any issue within the first week of item received, we will work with you. OEKO TEX face mask, organic face mask, face mask with nose wire, Italian silk face mask, gift for her, gift for him, Adjustable face mask, Face mask, Around the head, Work face mask, ear loop, Comfortable mask, No fog mask, Washable mask, High quality, Designer mask, print face mask, mask made in USA, women's face mask, Face mask, Dust mask, Without filter face mask, face cover, safety face mask, cloth face mask, rave mask, mouth mask, facemask, masks, Allergy Mask, washable mask, adult mask, washable face mask, cotton mask, cotton face mask, mask for women, face mask for women, mask for men, face mask for men, facemask for men, face mask for women, nose wire facemask, nose wire, father's day gift, filter pocket, gray face mask, autism face mask, no fog face mask, elastic around the head, mask hearing aids, Christmas face mask, gift for her, fancy bird print, red, gold black, mother’s day gift, silk face mask, premium quality face mask