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MAJK- Hand held compact Umbrella - Happy Days

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Product description

100% polyester

[Accessory structure]

50% off - 8 bone umbrella (printed outside/vinyl inside) + umbrella cover

[Product performance]

Strong and durable: the umbrella skeleton adopts structural mechanics, and the umbrella bone composed of structural steel and carbon fiber composite structure is strong and flexible, stable and wind resistant. High spring is added at the folding of umbrella bone, which effectively improves the opening and closing efficiency of umbrella face.

Waterproof: the inside of the umbrella is black, and the outside is printed with exclusive patterns, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and prevent suntanning. When the umbrella is opened for use, the rain will fall off naturally. After use, gently shake it, the water drops will leave the umbrella face immediately. Strong water resistance, dry effect is obvious, and prolong the service life of the umbrella.

Easy to carry: 50% fold umbrella is more compact, convenient for traveling or shopping.

【 Applicable Situation 】

Can be carried in a briefcase, backpack, suitcase, etc., suitable for outdoor activities such as travel, shopping, etc.

[Washing instructions]

It is recommended to wipe and clean regularly.