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#ZUMB FREE Zumbini DEMO Class, Wednesdays @ 10:30 am

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Strength & Wellness with Dr. Kelimer Lebron will be featuring Zumbini’s, “Kalino Finds the Music”. 

What is Zumbini?
Zumbini is an early childhood education program for ages 0-4 created by Zumba and Baby First TV. The program combines music, dance, and educational tools for 45 minutes of cant-stop, wont-stop bonding and fun. 

Kalino Finds the Music will be equally fun for you and your baby. You and your baby will be jumping like a kangaroo, eating your jammy breakfast, sailing waves with scarves, making a party in the barn, and much more! You will love the storybook, moves, and music, but best of all, this session gives you more chances to develop a deep bond with your little one(s)!     

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Learn more about Zumbini by clicking the following links:

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"Zumbini Time" TV Show:

About the Instructor
My name is Dr. Kelimer Lebron. I am a neuroscientist, health coach, and personal trainer, but I consider my most important role in life as being a mom. I was introduced to Zumbini several years ago and immediately fell in love with the program, not only as a mother but professionally as well. I became very interested in how I could possibly merge my experience as a health and wellness coach and personal trainer into the role of a Zumbini instructor. I am happy to say I have been a licensed Zumbini instructor now for 5 years. I can truly say it’s one of the most rewarding experiences to see the joy on the faces of the children and parents and witness the bonding that takes place with the families. 

I’m so excited about the upcoming classes and can’t wait to meet each of you personally. Please feel free to reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns you may have. You may reach me at